Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Note on the New Writing Project

We are 4 weeks underway in the writing project so far. It is going well. I'm really enjoying having a short piece to work on every week and it lets me get a bit creative outside of the structured projects I already have going.

I believe we've switched gears on the new blog, I think that might take a little too much time to set up and maintain. I do believe we are going to start taking stories from this project and trying to get them published magazine side. That's my plan at least, I will give help when asked, but the others are on their own with what they do with their own writing.

So wish me luck on that.

New stories every week, nice.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Project (52 Weeks of Writing)

I have embarked on a new project. A group of three friends will be writing 1000 word stories each week for the next year. Do cry for us, Argentina. It won't be easy balancing this with other writerly duties and work, but screw it, this is what I want for myself, I might as well make it happen. I believe I will be starting a new blog to document our progress and display some of said stories as we go. I'll post the link for that here when it is ready (probably not until the end of this month).

In the meantime I'll be writing.