Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Christmas Toast

I wanted to have this readily available, if I ever need to reference it again.  This seems like as good a place as any.

A Christmas Toast by Steven Ormosi

A toast! A toast!
To Christmas time cheer
A toast to the world!
A toast to the here!

A toast to the hostess
And hostees, and host!
A toast to the one who
Eats fastest and most!

A toast to the hors d’oeuvres!
A toast to the booze!
A toast to the dinner!
And post dinner snooze!

A toast to us cousins!
And the rest of you too,
Who raised us and taught us
Not to toast without you!

A toast to the wall!
A toast to the floor!
A toast to the fire!
A toast to the door!

A toast to the Earth!
And the sun and the stars in the sky!
A toast to the present, the past and the pie!

And the future too!

A toast to the jetpacks!
A toast to the wormholes!
A toast to the unwritten beauty
This life holds!

Yes!  Raise up your glass!
Raise up your chalice!
And toast to my
Lexicographical prowess!

I may be getting off topic here…You see
When I combine
In real and slant rhyme
I tend to regress
To an incomprehensible mess
Half-poet at best
I’ve found that I’ve always been better at Chess
…I digress

A toast!

A toast to our love!
A toast to our lives!
A toast to this toast
Not seeming contrived!

A toast for all those
No longer here
Remembering you
Always keeps you near.

A toast to this day!
With family and friends!
A toast to tradition!
Beginnings and ends!

A toast to us braving
The miles and the weather!
It’s always worth toasting
When we toast together!

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