Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is the opposite of productive? Certainly not deductive... because I wasn't that today. I spent a long time not writing. That was bad. I will fix it tomorrow. Update on things to come.

LAD - Volume 5 comes out starting tomorrow. It's a doozy.

Comic - I started work on the script for Issue 2. It's coming along nicely, I think the story is gonna be tight when all is said and done. Lot of reworking to do still, but shmuh, it'll get done.

TV show - We're working on some character archetypes now. Also trying to get a few of the major events we're looking to happen kind of planned out. I think we start writing the pilot tomorrow.

These are things that I must continue to work on...

Also, I have to get back into the novel, I've been ignoring it for a couple of weeks now, not good.

Thanks for being my reminder board, you sweet little bloggy poo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ha, old Myspace blog post that I just found when I Googled my name, I like it:

Can't ever forget when there's something missing from your life no matter how hard you try. Go ahead try to convince yourself that it's not worth it. Try to convince yourself that you don't need it. That's what I do. It's still missing isn't it?

A million rounds on me tonight, to forget, right? Who wouldn't want to forget? But trust me, forgetting doesn't make it any easier, or maybe forgetting does, but pretending to forget sure doesn't. And nothing is ever really forgotten anyway is it? So there you go.

Ah what's the point. Try and fail, try and fail, try and fail. That's life, get used to it, right? Do you keep trying? Or give up? Or something in between?

When in Rome we do as the Romans, when in hell we take shots at the bar.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stolen: Who I Am And Where I Am

So Warren Ellis does this genius thing, as much for himself as for the world at large, I'm guessing. He tracks his whereabouts on the webs and lets everyone know what he's up to and where he can be found. I think this is a good idea and one that I will commence to

I am Steven Ormosi. I write. And I do other stuff. But it's the writing that's important.

I have this blog, as you well know if you are reading it. I also have some old work I did, years ago, that is still floating around in nether-space, The Periodical Informant, which is an Onion-esque blog. On top of that, I am now working on my internet lit mag/short story compendium based on the survival of the human race after a zombie apocalypse, Life After Death. New volumes come out throughout the first week of the month and other odds and ends fill in the down time (shorter shorts and poetry).

I've had work posted at Weaponizer, which is a short story website run by the incredibly talented Bram Gieben. I wrote a short story called Tacks and McGee: The Life of the Party for a writing challenge on Emmy Jackson's website Looking for Strange. I was also recently included in the new edition of Make Something magazine (put together by the very patient Allen Wiggs) for my short piece 'A Maker's Manifesto: Borrowed Thoughts, Personal Ideas'.

Currently unavailable are several projects that I am working on. They include a novel (about a strange prophecy and it's unforseen complications), a pilot for a TV show (riffing on 80's/90's action movies), and a comic book (about learning to appreciate life instead of just slogging through it).

If you are at all interested in talking with me, I can be emailed at I'm also on Facebook and the Twitterz.

Too much to do, too little time

Busy weekend. Two football games, and a concert tonight. Also, I'd like to get some writing done as yesterday was mostly wasted on Minecraft (it is slowly making me its bitch). I did complete my two stories for Vol. 5, three poems and a short story for LAD recently so you know I've been doing some work at least. Next up, I want to start doing more work on the novel and I have to start issue 2 of the comic. Oh, not to mention that Sam is coming over tomorrow to work on our pilot.

Holy crap, having this much to do is great. Now if only I could get someone to pay me for it...Oh yeah, I just sent an application for a video game writing job. Not really expecting anything, but that would be sweet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Actual thought process while playing Minecraft:

Hrm, this game kind of looks like crap, I don't know what those Penny Arcade dudes are all excited about with this...oh, I hold down the mouse button to break these stupid blocks. Well, let me just wander around for a bit just to see what's so amazing ab...HOLY FUCK! WHAT THE HELL JUST BLEW UP IN MY FACE?!...I'm going to respawn just to try to figure out what that was. In the meantime let me smash up this tree. I hear good things about collecting wood. Oh, I can turn it into a pile of logs. Oh, I can turn the logs into....WHAT THE FUCK! SOME GUY JUST SHOT ARROWS AT ME WHILE I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO TURN SHIT INTO! Ok, I'm going to respawn one more time because I want to know more about this wood situation. Let me look this stuff up on a Wiki first though...Whoa, I can turn so much crap into so much other crap...And I can SMELT SHIT!? Ok, let me dig a hole out here in the wilderness and just mess around. GAHHH. I WAS EATEN BY A SPIDER WHILE DIGGING. Ok, let me make this closer to my spawn point.

3 Hours later:

I wonder how deep into the ground I can dig.

6 Hours later:

Pretty deep.

3 Days, and a beard later:

Hrm. My cave is just about perfect, with three exits, explosives set up to auto detonate upon intrusion and surrounded by secret underground tunnels that I've dug. And I've captured a spider and two zombies for my menagerie out back. I guess I can eat a sandwich now. What's it been 15 minutes?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I figured I'd try to answer a somewhat important, yet pretty vague question for my own edification. And I figured that since no one reads this blog (except Ben; yay!) I'd do it on here, because I'll always be able to come back and look at the idiocy that I've wrought and laugh. Hilarious, it will be.

"Where does my inspiration come from?" I ask.

Well, I guess it's a combination of several things, now that I think about it. Here they are:

1) My parents were always telling me to do what I want to do. That seems dumb and cheesy, like some ABC family moral time special for dweebers and nerd rinds, but that's a big one...In fact, my whole extended family kind of pushes me to try harder, just because being around them, I often feel dumb. It's something that they're not trying to do on purpose (I think), but they pull it off with relative ease.

2) I love entertainment media. Books, movies, video games, TV shows, online comics, you name it. These things kind of swirl into a nebulous idea pool and give me ideas like..."You know what would be awesome?" "What?" "Writing a series of stories about the apocalypse that interconnect but you just kind of make up how and why as you go and see where that takes you."

3) The world - It is so full of people that just surprise the shit out of you at every turn. Especially when alcohol is involved. I have so many damn awesome stories from going out with friends, and there are probably a million more that I'll never remember.

4) This might be a subsection of the world, but nature (and human nature). There are so many things that people have been trying their asses off to explain and just haven't found the answer yet. Well fuck it. Let's make those answers up! Am I right? Why are scientists pelting me with tomatoes?

5) I fake the shit out of it. This happens a lot more than I'd like, but it seems most writers feel the same way. I dunno. Inspiration is a fickle bitch with the raging thought Syph. Once you're infected it kinda drives you crazy...but you get your antibiotics and it calms down and you're like, wow, kinda glad I'm not crazy any more...but now I'm addicted to the burn. Yeah, I have no idea either...

6) Space aliens.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Front

Penny Arcade theme song by MC Frontalot. I'm sure this has been out forever, but I just found it, so back off.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holy Crow! We've got Volume 4 of LAD out there! Be a pal, check it out. Um. Slowly getting stuff done on the novel. Haven't worked on the comic in a couple of weeks, but it'll be back to work on that soon enough.

So, I'm keeping pretty busy.

Aruba was delightful. I highly suggest it to those of you who haven't been there.

Blah blah blah. I'll be back at some point with something more interesting for you, I'm sure.