Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ian's Blog

Hey ya'll?  Is that....how do you spell ya'll?  That looks wrong....Fucking whatever.  What I'm really here for is to plug a blog of a buddy of mine.  He just got it up and running, I might be doing a little contributing down the line. 


There it is, go every once in a while and take a look.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Extensive Excrement Expung...al?

Ya ever just feel exhausted, like you're about to go face down in the dirt?  Like if you have to think about one more thing you'll just snap somebody's neck?  Like the only thing you want to do is lay down for about 3 days and maybe somewhere throughout get a back rub or two?  Yeah, everyone feels that way.  Pretty much all the time.  I can't remember the last time I said to one of my friends, "Damn, I'm exhausted."  And they respond by saying, "Not me, I'm fucking tip-top.  Been doing nothing but relax for the last week."  Instead of that, I usually get, "Fuck you, I'm more tired than you are."  Which obviously sets off a nuh-uh, yuh-huh battle.  The person that wins is the one who gives up first, thereby proving that they are more tired.  But that's all probably more because I don't usually become great friends with those super chipper types.  They annoy me.  I'm kind of a jerk, huh?  Hmm....never thought of it that way.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired today.  Luckily all I've got to do after work is a) buy beer, b) drink beer, c) relax.  I can do that.  I might even sit outside and watch it snow for a while.  Or if I get really ambitious, take some pictures.  Fuckin' a.

Went through about 1500 fonts yesterday looking for something for the title of the magazine.  That was a hoot.  This whole project is awesome and it has been fun to do, but goddamn is it a lot more work/pulling teeth than I ever thought or really wanted.  That's ok though, it has been and hopefully will continue to be rewarding.  I just really have to get it fucking done.  It is much tougher when working with a team though.  And it gives you built in excuses for letting the due date slip for more than 2 fucking months.  That's the most frustrating thing.  It seems like it will never happen and if it took more than 5 months to get out the first issue how the fuck do I think I'll get a second one out in a month?  Questions and questions and questions. 

I gotta come up with some way to threaten with a deadline, for myself and everyone else working on this project.  As of now, if shit isn't done on time, oh well, what are you gonna do?  Can't run it without content, a cover, whatever.  I need to make certain portions replacable so I can enforce a hard deadline.  Right?  Am I being a dick here?  Ugh.  I probably shouldn't even be posting this stuff.  Will my co-conspirators take offence if they see it?  I hope not.  I don't mean to be offensive, I'm just frustrated with the slowness of the whole process and I don't see much hope for it continuing to be on time after the first issue comes out since it's taking so long just to get this one out.

I hope all this worrying about the future issues is in vain.  I hope I'm just whistling ...the opposite of...Dixie here.  I guess I'll find out.

Also, here are my first few <120charmovieideas (just so I can keep them all in one place):

- After a botched surgery, a patient is endowed with the power to jizz bullets. Watch out gay pornstar evildoers! #<120charmovieideas

- An alien disease is turning people into violent killers. Are radiation suits and shotguns enough to save the human race? #<120charmovieideas

- The Holy Trinity has become trapped inside the bodies of the Three Stooges. Only Cher and Lady Gaga can save them now. #<120charmovieideas

- A lovestruck teen learns sex from a hooker droid, the hooker droid learns to love. Postapocalyptic romcomdram/scifi-hor. #<120charmovieideas

- With an excess of human waste on Earth, a goup of disgraced astronauts need to deliver it into the center of the sun. #<120charmovieideas

- In order to save her new husband from eternal damnation, an ex-cop must battle Satan in Detroit. #<120charmovieideas

- A man and his son battle zombie hyenas in the middle of the desert. They've got battle axes and brass balls! #<120charmovieideas

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I've Done and Things I've Yet to Do

I finished the first draft of a Life After Death story last night.  It was nice, my cable went out two days ago and though I've been throwing a shitfit about it, it did give me some quiet time to sit down and write out about 2000 words.  It's a good story I think, now I need to decide whether it's going in issue 1 or issue 2, cuz it could be either.  I think issue 2 though.

I wrote another flash fiction piece the other day.  Not sure if I'm going to be submitting it to anyone or not, just don't know.

I need to come up with a title line/logo for LAD.


Something like that maybe?  I don't know.  More trial and error is required. 

I need to write another Short Story for the EmmyMau Short Story Challenge #3.

I need to make myself a new mix cd.  The one in the car is getting old.

I need to take a good picture of the Paper Science paper I just got and send it to those nice chaps that flew it all the way here from London for free.

And I need to come up with more <120charmovieideas because they are fun.