Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update: Jamieson Street

Here are a couple of pictures of my grandfather at the street naming. He was just accepting congratulations from President Obama. That's why he's on the phone.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking News: Gawker Run by Bigger Dicks Than Originally Thought


Apparently Gawker is running an article showing a man who was stabbed and had his throat slit. The family has asked them to take the picture off of their site, but Gawker has refused.

Check out the article to see the actual picture. I will be boycotting Gawker for this shit, which I can only really describe as evil, a word I normally reserve for...well, truly evil shit. I suggest you do the same. This page may get a ton of views, but hopefully after that, Gawker dies an economically painful death and the fucker that runs it stops making money entirely.

Oh, if you want to email him to tell him he's a dick, you can get him at


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


There is a little note card on my computer desk. It is mostly buried under other crap but I can see the word 'TIMELINE' sticking out. I know that wasn't the original intent of the card, but it snaps me back to my own timeline. I had a dream about working back in my old job last night. I recently had a dream about aliens invading Earth and firing balls of lightening out of their ship while I was being scolded by a nun. I consider the dream about going back to my old job the scary one. I've still got so much I want to do before I go back to the grind. Like everything. But I guess the party has to end sometime.

Anyway, I've just finished my two stories for Life After Death for the coming month. The new ones will be posted starting Nov. 1. Hooray. Go, read 'em. Comment if you get the hankering.

I believe I have someone to draw my comic too, which is awesome. Though I don't want to jinx it, I'm really excited about it.

Now to get the TV show ball rolling.

Oh, and my grandfather is having a street named after him tonight. So I'll be at that little shindig.

That's about it. Talk towards you again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Umm...I dunno, in honor of my new turntable.

As the dulcet tones from my newly hooked up turntable waft through the air, I can only imagine a distinct smell of some 70's home. Kids buzzing around the house, maybe a blueberry pie cooling on the window sill...I don't know...And there's the oldest daughter, maybe 16 or 17 spinning a new Creedance album and just chilling. She's waiting for a couple cats to swing by with the trees. Dad's gone for the weekend and mom never leaves the kitchen, so it's all good as long as they open the window.

She hears the door slam and her friends all saying, "Hi, Mrs. S," as they walk through the kitchen to the stairway. Speaking of which , she takes the Creedance off and throws on Led Zeppelin IV. She takes out the papers and as her friends walk in she cues Stairway. "Copasetic," Tommy says as he sits Indian style on the floor, "I love this song." Of course she knows that, she's always thought Tommy was cute. And he's single.

Sally and Jake come in behind and take their seats on the floor as well, Robert Plant wails on seemingly just for her. "With a word she can get/What she came for." Was it that easy? Sally tosses a baggy to her and she rolls up a nice spliff. She opens the window and lights the incense.

Worry about your boy problems later, she thinks to herself. She lets the piper lead her to reason.

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Writer's block. It is a pain in the ass, if you'll excuse me for saying so. I guess the way to get over it is to just keep pushing on with whatever you're writing. But right now, I can't figure out what I want the conflict of my short story to entail, so that's kind of tough. Kinda shapes the thing, you know? So, I figured I'd get a few words in here, while I'm trying to figure it out.

What really bugs me is, how can I be short on ideas in a post apocalyptic city? I mean, there are literally thousands of things that people need to be doing, I just can't think of the one that's going to advance the overall plot in any measurable way. It is annoying. examination of writer's block perhaps? Warren Ellis said that it's when a writer can't write...and if you're not writing, well then you're not a writer, are you? I can't imagine that even he never goes through spells where the ideas just aren't flowing. Actually I know he does, because he posts things to the effect of, going to sit in the dark with a bottle of whiskey and let the idea juice slosh around in my brain for an afternoon. Which to me sounds like what I should be doing, but I really wanted to finish this LAD story within the next day or two and if I don't start now, I probably never will. So there's that.

Normally I'll just start working on another story, but my self imposed deadline for this one passed two days ago and if I can't stay on deadline with this stuff then how will I ever be a real writer in the really real world? Things to think about for me, I guess.

In other news, I'm going to need a job soon, unfortunately. Anyone looking to hire someone part time? Or looking for a writer for any reason? Or I dunno, something else that equals money in my pocket? Just thought I'd ask.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYCC 2010

Just got back from NYCC on Sunday. It was fun, but since I was wandering the floors mostly by myself it got a bit boring on Sunday. I went out with some kids from the Whitechapel boards on Saturday night (which was awesome) and actually had to ask one of them for a couch to crash on. Thank god for not sleeping on the cold ground outside of the con. I met Paul Duffield and Jacen Burrows and a bunch of people from Avatar including William Christiansen, everyone was very cool. Avatar booth was definitely the highlight of the con for me.

That's about it. Here are some pictures of my haul: