Friday, December 16, 2011

K, Book's Done

As promised, the book part of this is done. I've got everything uploaded to the site, all I need now is an acceptable cover. I could use any help anyone can give.

One idea that was given to me was a shadow hand reaching for something real. I think that's a pretty good one, but this is only limited by imagination. If all else fails, I will use the placeholder image I'm using on Facebook, but I think we can do better than my crappy, meandering Photoshop attempts. Anyone got anything?

It has to be 6x9 and say "Out of Place, Out of Time" bonus for fitting "An Odd Collection of Short Stories" in there as well. Let me know.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More on the 'Out of Place' Slowdown

It's not an excuse, I swear it. I don't have one. My work has been slow, almost non-existent of late. I've been bogged down. I can't explain it. Yes, there are other things going on around me, but I should not allow them to stop my forward progress. I have some time coming up. I'm going to finish that book. I'm going to finish it, I swear. You'll see, you'll all see.

I'm sorry to those I've disappointed. I want this thing to be out and available as much or more than you do. I want people to drink our words. And whether they are sweet or sour in their brain's mouths, I want people to swallow them and let them digest and see if they satisfy.

I'm not the best out there. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But I don't strive for that yet. For now, I just strive to be out there. I will be. We will be. Soon. I promise (again).