Thursday, January 29, 2009

As a Follow Up to Yesterdays Post


What the fuck Ridley Scott? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Well, I guess I'll go see it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Why would anyone do this?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. President, We've Lost the Internet

Obama, Obama, Obama. Don't you know that googling the word Google crashes your network?

Fuck, we're supposed to get all kinds of snow tonight and getting to work tomorrow is going to blow big time. Well, I guess that's if the weather men are right, which is kind of like putting your odds on that hooker you're sleeping with not having the Clap. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't but the white flakes aren't putting your mind at ease.

Getting back into writing a little bit is nice. Getting a top 10 comics of all time list together, should be done by tomorrow and up on Uninstall by Thursday or Friday we hope. I need to take more time to write, but at this point I have little enough free time as it is and I spend a good portion of it drinking so I can forget how little free time I have.

Anyway, that's all the ranting for tonight...Goodnight you princes of interwebz, you kings of pwnage.

Monday, January 26, 2009

This is Why You Always Keep a Piece of Wood Handy

Wow, sucks for this dude.

Nothing all that interesting to report today, just wanted to share that article that Scott showed me. It wins my 'Most Ironic Shit I've Seen in a While' award.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deadlines are for A-holes

I read the rough draft of my article for uninstall, and it was such a piece of shit that I scrapped it, straight up. Writing it at work was, I think, my biggest mistake. Anyway, the new article is getting pushed back until next week.

New President just got sworn in this week, it's nice to have someone different, you know? Obama has already started doing shit and I say, man, it's really nice that he's not at his ranch in Texas relaxing. It just kind of seemed like Bush would sit on his ass until something happened and then tried to clean it up whereas Obama, or anyone else for that matter, is actually taking proactive measures to try and fix some shit. I dunno, I'm not saying Obama was the greatest choice for Prez, yeah, he doesn't have a ton of experience, but Bush had nothing but experience and he was a worthless there's that. It's been beaten to death and then dragged out back and shot in the face and then buried, dug up, beaten again and reburied, but a change is really friggin' nice. I was on the 'anything-but-Bush' train for the last 5 years and its weird, but a welcome change to be able to say that I don't have to look forward to him embarrassing our entire country with his idiotic speeches anymore.

God bless America.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog 2: Reblog

Ugh, I have to get back to business on this whole writing thing. I think the more I write the better I will be at it...that's what people tell me anyway, more on why that is important later. I've been about the same since you last heard from me. Still at that same ol' software reseller peddling my technologies. I inject all emails sent from my work address with brain damage particles, this way, if someone bugs me way too much they slowly lose their mind.

So about the things that I was supposed to to-do list, if you will:
1) I quit smoking...for three days, have to try again soon.
2) Moved out of my parents' house, so that's awesome.
3) Still have the same job I hate, but I guess it's money and in this economy, I can't look a gift paycheck in the mouth.
4) I have not exercised since I can't remember when.
5) I'm doing this list off of if improve memory was one of the things I wanted to do...I can't remember how well that went.
6) I started contributing to a website, yay. (more on this in a minute)
7) I haven't written any fiction lately, boo for me. is a site run by my friend Mikey with several contributors so far. It is not incredibly far along yet and there is much to be done, but check out the primordial stages of it if you have an inkling. It was originally set up to be a video game review site, but then we all decided that just doing reviews is boring sooooo we've got a few articles up now. We've also expanded it to include pretty much every other medium out there. I've been writing about comic books and should have a new article out by week's end. I'll try to keep this up to date on the comings and goings of the site as more info becomes available.

I am going to NY Comic Con with a few friends on Feb. 6-8, should be a good time and not going to work that Friday will be nice. Looking forward to seeing the Penny Arcade duo of Tycho and Gabe there also so many other big name writers that I could be listing people for miles, so I won't.

Flogging Molly show in early March for Scotty's B-day, that and Watchmen coming out should be cool.