Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the Win

Colbert has won the Node 3 naming contest by over 40,000 votes. Now we get to find out if they'll honor the write in ballots.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joe versus the

OMGWTFBBQ! - Nice fuckin underwater volcano.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've got just about nothing to talk about...seriously...

March Madness just kicked off so that's cool. No pools for me this year. Uh...AC over the weekend was fun, but I lost money, damn you AC, you win again. St. Patty's day was toned down a bit from years past but enjoyable. Ummm....I guess that's it.

Oh...also, MORE LIKE WHORE-A THE EXPLORER! The actual new artwork for this makes me think parents are...for the most part, friggin morons, you can find a link to it in the comments of the article or right here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Lazy, Can't Title...Well

I know this is lazy, but I really need to get some work done soooo, interesting crap today includes:

1) Cell phone is the new wallet.
2) Space station almost gets fucked up by something a third of a fucking inch in diameter...must suck to live in fear of floating hardware scraps.
3) Madoff about to be butt raped.
4) And finally, yeah, Texas is using resources so stay at home moms can patrol the border now.


5) http://godzillabukkake.com/!!!!!! It's gonna be a thing.

Sayonara suckers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saw That Coming

News and crap for you:

Colbert has taken the lead in the great node 3 name race. Though NASA did write an out into the contest, I hope that they follow through on whatever the people vote for.

Frank Miller's Charlie Brown. I don't have to say more, just go check it out.

Number one thing I care about the economy effecting.

The Netherlands reminds me of I dunno, Little Big League, although at least the guys in that movie made it to the majors. The no-name Dutch beat what's basically a major league all star team in the Dominican Republic squad ... twice. Isn't that weird?

Play Lexulous. It's like Scrabble but not copyrighted.

End News/Entertainment. Begin misery of 7 more hours of work.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who Welches the Watchmen: Redux

Well, I saw Watchmen and it was between good and AWESOME depending on the frame of mind I'm in at the time I'm thinking about it. It definitely surpassed my expectations of how good it would be.

Now I read a lot of reviews that said the characters were one dimensional. What I want to know is what their understanding of one dimensional entails. There was definitely character growth and coming to terms with issues larger than oneself...by definition the Watchmen needs these changes, this growth to even be a cohesive story. I just don't think people know what the fuck they're talking about sometimes. They want to be looked at as intellectual but forget to learn the components of the subject they are discussing.

Tangents aside, this movie was well acted, and well directed. There were a couple parts that bogged down a little bit, but I used my severe curiosity to explore as much of the highly detailed and intricately designed sets when there was nothing incredibly interesting going on with the actors.

For anyone who reads this blog and hasn't read the book yet (i.e. no one, but it'd be cool to get a response). Did you find the plot hard to follow? Some friends of mine said they wouldn't be able to follow it if they hadn't read the comic because of all the flashbacks and time changes...I didn't think that'd be a problem, I'd love to hear from other people about it.

Soundtrack has been taking a little flak out there and I just wanted to say that I thought it was good. Very often the songs brought out an emotion that though it wasn't exactly what I'd expect, still seemed appropriate. Except the sex scene, I loved the music in that scene for a different reason. Ha. Haha. Hahahhahaha.

Anyway, in order from best to worst, characters:
1) Rorschach - Any surprise here? He is badass as fuck. "You're locked in with me." actually drew applause in my theater, which was annoying but made me smile none-the-less.
2) The Comedian - Part played to perfection.
3) Doc Manhattan - Big blue dong aside (or small blue dong if you're referring to the comic), he is one of the coolest superheroes ever.
4) Ozymandias - Didn't really like the actor for the role at first but he definitely grew on me.
5) Silk Specter - SS and Night Owl, while giving good performances, were the two weakest characters, however, she is way hotter naked than him, hence her #5 spot.
6) Night Owl - Cool owl ship bro.

In closing, go see it. If you don't like it, fuck you. I say, better than Dark Knight by about this much --. I'm sure no one will agree with that, but refer to two sentences ago.

Peace bitches.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Name That Ship

This was too cool to pass up mentioning, NASA is running a poll to determine the name of some spaceship or something...I dunno...anyway, the cool part is that the two top vote getters are Serenity and Colbert. Serenity is one of the names that NASA suggested and is winning by a ton of votes right now, but Colbert is coming on strong after Stephen Colbert made mention on his show that the ship should be named after him.

He passed Xanu (the second leading write in right now) in under 2 days and thank god that the ship won't be named after the stupid overlord of Scientology or whatever those idiots believe.

Vote at link below, hurry, hurry, voting ends March 20:


I will tell you that I voted for Serenity as I was a big fan of the show and it actually had something to do with space...I mean, c'mon, no brainer. Colbert would be cool too though.

Who Welches the Watchmen?

Watchmen came out today. I'm still pretty worried about it...not that it won't be good, but that it won't be good enough. I think I'm worried because the expectations are impossible to live up to. I'm sure the movie will be just fine, but really it can't be as well executed as the book, it just wasn't written as a movie, it was written as a comic. Any other book and I wouldn't really care, but it is an important, scratch that, integral part of comic lore and I feel like this movie even if adequately enjoyable, cannot help but take away from that a little bit. It seems like from the outset, Zack Snyder has done nothing more than try to save the reputation of the Watchmen as much as possible (instead of being able to build it up further). It's a noble cause, especially since another director might have fucked this thing up royally, but in the end i think we all would've been better off if the studios had just left it alone.

Oh well, I still can't wait to see it, get goosebumps when I know the end is nigh, and give my two pennies on whether I thought the new ending detracted from the story. However, its with a feeling of trepidation rather than innocent wonder that I enter that theater, and I guess Zack Snyder ultimately decides how I leave it. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised, but my hopes are so high already that I dare not allow them to go any higher until I've seen the damn thing.

I'll let you know what I thought after I see it.

PS. The downloadable Watchmen game is so-so, gets kinda boring fairly quickly. I definitely do want to see Black Freighter when that DVD comes out.