Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Writing Reference Post

Here's a post for me, and anyone else who wants to use it, filled with references, yay*:

TV Writing - This site has a bunch of scripts.

Writing Advice:
Nathan Bransford's Blog - The reason I started this post. Lot's of good writing advice.
The Bitter Script Reader - Good advice on how to make your script mo' better.
Cockeyed Caravan - This blog as all kinds of great stuff for story crafters. Includes the daunting but very cool Ultimate Story Checklist.
Writer Unboxed - Yet another fiction blog.
Terrible Minds - Chuck Wendig's blog. Usually some good writing advice or banter on the state of the industry here.

Self Publishing Advice:

Advice for Getting Traditionally Published:
9 Things Every Book Proposal Needs - Guess what this is.

Miscellaneous References:
Tom Pollock - Writing Around a Day Job - Good advice for keeping one's nose to the grindstone.

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