Friday, February 23, 2007

Sorry Guys

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been doing any posting this week. I don't really have a good excuse...I just haven't felt like it really, plus I've been out a lot. I'm gonna start up again next week and hopefully keep it going...I'm a giant douche.

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Friday, February 16, 2007


Missed a post this week on the Periodical Informant, sorry about that loyalists (aka Ben). In the future I will try to be more on time with my musings on how shit is crazy. New issue of Cheat Sheet comes out this Sunday for anyone who forgot, that should be fun for the whole family.

God, I hate work. Wednesday sucked, it was snowing like a bitch, I pinballed off a curb, busted my ass inside a company with a bunch of professional looking people around...saved the pizza though, worked for an extra hour. Oh well, I guess this is life. If anyone knows of any sweet jobs that pay approx. 30-35 grand a year and are accepting people like me who have a shitty resume but graduated college, let me know, cuz I can't deal with this delivery shit too much longer. Sick of my boss, sick of everyone that works there...except you Ben. Why can't I make a living hanging out with friends and bullshitting? Meh, I guess it could be a lot worse...but then I probably wouldn't have time to bitch about it. Good day sir.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

So I'm currently browsing the (kinda) new website for Bella Roma, where I work. What a piece of crap, I've seen so many spelling errors my head is spinning, the picture is already out of date, it doesn't show up in any search engines...the list goes on. What the hell did he pay this guy for? Bah...Anyway, its pretty good food if that's what you're in the mood for so give a call, I deliver most days (11am-2:30pm to the immediate surrounding area).

I'm actually heading there in about 45 minutes, working on Saturday blows donkey nuts.

Just started reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell pretty interesting stuff so far. It talks about the point at which something stops being an isolated event and becomes an epidemic. Can't really say much about it as I'm only about 30 pages in but I've heard very good things.

Alright, I'm done with this, time to start getting ready for work. Later.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

D'oh Zone Layer

Well guys, we're all officially screwed. Now, when we need to get off the planet because we've destroyed it, we won't be able to because of the thick blanket of debris floating around up there.
Early this year, after a half-century of growth, the federal list of detectable objects (four inches wide or larger) reached 10,000, including dead satellites, spent rocket stages, a camera, a hand tool and junkyards of whirling debris left over from chance explosions and destructive tests.

That happened after China purposely blew up a satellite to make sure that they could. Thanks a lot China. Apparently we can use space robots or lasers to clear it out. Another option would be helper monkeys we send up there to collect the scrap metal for their monkey museum. Face it, no one here is getting out alive. At least we prevent the aliens from coming and taking over, unless they have robots or lasers or monkeys.

In other news apparently TBS reached a settlement with Boston for $2 million, which sucks retarded balls. Boston you are a bunch of whiny pussies.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Showtime, or: Milan, Milan, Milan, and Milan (He Strums Hot Fire)

Just went to a great show, Milan + Band. Had a great time, major highlights included Milan playing with his teeth and behind his back, and Edwin's drum solo. There was a damn good trumpet player who turned out to be my friend Melanie's ex-band teacher. Also, getting drunk was a good time. Bought a $5 cd and listened to was great, my only qualm was the fact that I listened to it twice through on the way home, way too short for such great music. If anyone is interested it looked like they had a bunch of cd's left, they are definitely worth it. The biggest disappointment should have been the best track on the album, the second song, "10,000 People" bothered me a bit because I felt like it was just starting as it ended, done way too soon. Oh well, I guess that's life...just when you think you're rocking it turns out you're rolling. I'm way too drunk for to you fuckers later.

Edit: To add to this, the song "Killing Room" is also quite awesome and features a great rapper by the name of O.N.E.

Friday, February 2, 2007

The Trouble with Boston

Attempt number one at quitting smoking failed miserably yesterday when, while delivering pizza, I was rounded up by the cops doing an inspection sticker sting and got busted for being one day over due. That's not to mention the fact that I was then 20 minutes late with my delivery and got shit for a tip. To top it all off my car got rejected for its busted headlight. What a day. Attempt number two coming soon. In US news...

The fiasco in Boston was, I think, awesome. It was perpetrated by a couple of hippie bastards who, in this interview, have absolutely no regard for the media trying to make it more serious than it really was. Guys after my own heart. They're talking about a 750,000 lawsuit against TBS...are you fucking kidding me? Mooninite terrorists 4eva yo.

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