Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good god damn do I hate fonts right now.  Trying to choose the layout and style design of my comic is going to drive me up a goddamn wall.  But that's what I'm doing.  Poring over the multitude of fonts that Office 2007 supplies and trying to figure out why I like one more than another and trying to figure out why and if that reason is a reason to choose one over the other, etc....gah....

I'm also formatting stories, setting layouts, proofreading shit, and generally plotting to blow my own brains out.  It's gonna be so fucking cool when I'm done though.  Life After Death bitches.  Zombie apocalypse done our way (and I mean the right way).  Fucking A.  Met my photographer today.  He seemed pretty cool.  Only spoke with him for a minute but he should be around tomorrow so I'll chat with him more then.  Need to get my artists on the same page, but sweet sassy molassy I almost have everything I need for issue numero uno.  I hope anyone buys it because it is going to melt some fucking face.

Anyway, enough ranting for me.  I have to go back to making myself crosseyed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

(You Get a Lazy Title Line on the Day We All Say,) "It's Christmas Eve!"

Well, it's Christmas Eve. Presents are (mostly) wrapped (horribly). I've got to make some shrimp in a bit for appatizers. I'm also bringing a moleskine notebook over to big family Christmas tomorrow. I've included a bit of profanity. The idea is that we have this notebook at all the family parties and people add to it as the years go by and we can use it to track our family's comings and goings by holidanical increments. I hope it goes over in the old, family setting. Oh well, fuck it if it doesn't.

I got my first internetz bloggz0rz present this morning at around 9am. Some annonymous person stumbled on to this site and not only read what I wrote, but commented on it too. A true Christmas miracle. Yes, I agree mystery person, Dr. Dog is the shit and I will be purchasing many if not all of their albums in short order. As for now, I've only heard We All Belong.

Anyway person, you've nailed what Christmas is all about. Making people happy. I could give a crap about getting gifts that for the most part I'll never use again. What I do love is spending time with the family. It reminds me of back in the day when I would never want to leave those parties. Hanging with my cousins, listening to all the aunts and uncles prattle on about important adult matters like how stuffed they were on the apple pie ("Oh, that's interesting, I've stuffed myself on the peach cobbler.") ("Peach cobbler, guffaw! The lemon meringue was the absolute cat's pajamas.") [Because that's how people that grew up in the 60's and 70's talk. I'm serious, look it up on Wikipedia.] They also enjoyed talking about how different everything was from when they were younger (which is now a pastime of mine). Somehow, going back to that every year is comforting. So that's where I'm going.

Merry Christmas everyone. And I hope you've enjoyed your December holiday of choice if you don't celebrate Christmas. At least in a week I can wish everyone a happy New Year without feeling bigoted....though if you're from China I'll sure have egg on my face, won't I?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Music 2009 update

I've been buying a lot of new music over the last couple months...some awesome stuff:

Dr. Dog - Classic sound, might be my favorite find of the year.
Dinosaur Jr.'s new album - Wall of badass noise.  Sick guitars.
Future of the Left - Angry and fun.
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - Upbeat, dancey.
Dead Man's Bones - Grim, backed by a children's choir.
Specials' and Buzzcocks' Best Of albums - Classic sound because they are classics.
Them Crooked Vultures - Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and John Paul Jones, 'nuff said.
The Dead Weather - Another crazy super band.  Jack White and others...makes me think of the wild west, dunno why.
Modest Mouse's newest (No One's First and You're Next) - Not their best but still damn good.
The Thermals' newest (Now We Can See) - Been loving The Thermals last two albums.  Lyrically in a class of their own.
The Hold Steady - Springsteen-y sound is a good time.

Maybe more later if I think of them.

Enter the Flagon

I know, I know.  It's been a while.  Believe me, if I had anything intersesting to say, I'd be saying it.  As of now I've had a couple drinks so...

There's never a better time to take account of your life than at the end of the year, when you can at least pretend that you have a fresh start coming up.  I think my clean slate will be arriving right 'round May or June, at least I hope it will.  Then I'll have mighty and important things to say, oh yes...oh...shit.  We'll see.

As of right now I'm working on a short story that I'm almost done with.  It should be...interesting to say the least.  I'll link it here when I'm done.  Also I need to learn magazine design layout in a short amount of time.  I've got some things on the way to help with that hopefully. 

I'm working on getting this new computer up and running.  It's got a while to go, but the start is promising.  OpenOffice is downloading as we speak with other fun programs to follow.  Then I can sit down here in this freezing cold basement sanctuary, and just think...think my thoughts.  Also, there's a tv coming that will be down here soon enough.  That probably won't help things.

I saw some kids playing outside in the snow the other day, and I thought to myself, "Self, are you a fucked up, bad human being for imagining those bigger kids just burying the smaller kids in snow like one would bury another in sand and then just leaving them there?"  Someone would find them the next day, frozen, Shining style and scream.  It would be a great tragedy.  I might get on the news and say, "Yes, it really hits at the heart of all of us here."  But I'd be thinking, "I knew those big kids were murderers all along."  It would be a huge media event, maybe I could get off work for it.  I s'pose it would be kind of sad, but none of the goddamn parents watch their kids around here, it's like a fucking zoo.  Yeah, you're right, I am an asshole.  I can live with that.  I just wish there weren't midget humans with low IQs running around all over the place, especially in front of my car, what a mess.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Bit of Explanation

You may notice a lot of overlapping information/linking in my posts recently.  That is because I'm trying to surround myself with information that prods me to finish some of the projects that I've started.  It's basically my way to keep myself from slacking and stopping halfway through like I do on most of the shit that I start.  So...that's why I'm linking to the same sites, etc...if you were interested.

Also, this is an awesome idea...doing pics of the previous night's dream.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A little about some of my inspirations:

- Ellis - "I'm always trying to force outbreaks of the future."

I'm reading his Print on Demand book SHIVERING SANDS, it's just a bunch of essays about...well...a bunch of stuff really, but with an eye to what the hell is next.  Something we should all always have an eye on.

- Ariana's Website -

This is a source of inspiration mainly because it's a reason not to be a pussy about everything that I make...and it's got lot's of motivation for she gives help in whatever capacity she can to get that project up and running.  Love this blog.

- Myself - I am at this moment listening to an old mix cd I made for myself...very happy to note that I still enjoy everything on it quite a bit.  I've also been busy lately doing some creating, working on a couple of short stories at the moment and the LIFE AFTER DEATH mag.  It's a little behind schedule but I've just got to keep on pressing.

Fuck it, that's enough for now I guess...maybe more later...