Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photo-Microfic: Storm's Comin'

Photo taken by Steven Ormosi with his Samsung Galaxy S3 and edited in G+. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Storm's Comin'

The weather man says it’s going to be the worst storm we've seen in fifty years.  I guess we have to believe him.  People all over the state are out buying supplies: water, gas, canned food, flashlights.  The wind is getting stronger outside. The smaller trees are beginning to bow like perfect gentlemen. We do one final check to be certain all the windows are closed. 

“Are we sure we have everything we need?” my roommate asks.

“We've got five candles and a large bottle of whiskey.  I think we’ll be alright.”                


Andrew said...

Yes... I'm very happy this picture was chosen

Steven Ormosi said...

How could I leave out the storm prep picture?