Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shippin Up to Boston

Hey all, I went to Boston last week and meant to write about it, but I've been busy so you get it a week late.

I made a couple of entries in the journal I brought there so I figured I'd start with those, though they trail off before all the good shit happened so I'll fill you in on what I remember of that with a later entry.

3/14/08 8:30pm

Uneventful train ride into NYC. The 8:00 Chinatown bus was full so we decided to wait for the 10:00pm one. Scott suggested we take a walk around the block. I wanted to see if there were any bars in the area. There weren't. Sitting here now, with my notebook resting on my duffel bag, perturbed by my sobriety but embracing the experience nonetheless.


We decided to kill time by playing poker. I dominated that endeavor. Once we got on the bus, we drank the 5 beers I had in my bag. I'm feeling very tired and I'm pretty sure Scott is already asleep. There are about 3 hours to go on this trip and I'm writing in the shadow of my own hand right now. I think it's time to give this a break for a while.

3/15/08 11:46am

We arrived in Boston at about 1:30am last night, which is an hour sooner than I thought we'd be here. Mikey had been at the bar all night. He said he'd meet us by the train station. After about five minutes of waiting, he called Scott and told us to start walking toward a white flag that was on our right. We did. I noticed a person in the distance sit down by a concrete planter, he looked homeless. We walked onward towards the flag. The homeless guy sitting down started shaking as we approached. I said, "That's got to be Mikey." As we got up to where the planter was, he jumped at us. Obviously it was Mikey.

We walked about three blocks back to his apartment, he was drunk as a skunk. On the way he tapped a girl on the shoulder, she thought it was me ("Did it work?" he asked after a minute or so of walking, "Yeah, it worked.") He yelled catcalls at construction workers. he tried to hitchhike back to his apartment, cabs pulled over, I had to wave them off. Even when we got there he started a "rock band" with some complete strangers on the elevator ("Where's my air guitar?!" he kept demanding.)

Once we got inside, we drank a few beers and bullshitted for a couple of hours. We watched 'Drunk History' and Mikey solved a Rubik's cube while wasted. Then we passed out.

I woke up and started writing. There is supposed to be some kind of pub crawl today starting at noon and going till 7 or so. We may catch the tail end of it. Apparently 80 people will be there. It should be quite an experience if nothing else...I'll let you know.

Present time:
And that was all I had, in my next gripping installment I'll let you know what happened on that fateful day. Until then, seeya later.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Had to Let It Out

Ten minutes left before I have to be back at work. This is all spew of consciousness stuff. I just wanted to get something in here because honestly I haven't posted enough lately. I'm going to Boston this week, so hopefully I should have some good stories about that. I'll tell you all about it later. I hope to have a great weekend there and I don't see why I wouldn't. Leaving at around 5 tonight, hoping to make it there by midnight. God only knows what revelry and debauchery we'll get into over the weekend, but if I remember most of it I haven't done my job.

Gonna bring a notebook so hopefully I'll have some notes about it or something. Guess I'll find out. Shit....forgot to pack that notebook, good reminder for myself. Gotta find a good book to read for the trip too.

Monday is St. Patty's day, I am damn excited for that. I took off the next day so no need to worry about the hangover thank god.

Alright, need to go get everything else in order and get back to work. Nice talking to you all again.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Moses Biscuits?

Hilarious news everyone! I’ve got a couple of things I thought were funny as hell and a follow up article to share with you and then I’ll leave you the hell alone.

The first one harkens back to biblical times when life was simpler and everybody was fucked up on something. This article comments on the possibility that everyone was high on some sick hallucinogens when Moses showed them the Ten Commandments. Oh Moses, you sick bastard, it’s just like you to give everyone acid before you come down that mountain.

The other funny article I have comes from a village in France where dying has just become outlawed. It seems they filled up the graveyard there and apparently can’t just plot out more land for a new one. The mayor has decreed that people who die will be punished for their transgression. Surely they could turn the already dead into zombies to help alleviate the problem.

I also wanted to provide this link for anyone who is interested in that new NIN album that came out. I spoke a little prematurely when I said it was free. Apparently their price scheme was based on a tiered system in which only Ghosts I was free, Ghosts I-IV was $5 if you only wanted it digitally and $10 if you wanted a CD along with digital download. There are also deluxe editions costing $75 and $300…So I’m glad I cleared that up.

Let me know if you guys want me to jump off a bridge, ok? I’ll write more sometime later.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So I was at the bar last night and I asked for a pen and some napkins to jot with. The bartender there said that I should try writing a story in 55 words, so I did several. Here are a couple of them...Disclaimer: I was at the bar so you know, take that into account:

"I'm baring my soul to you. I'm trying to tell you what I never could, or what you wouldn't accept. I need you to understand now. I can't take it anymore. I'm about to burst. It's taken so long, years, decades it feels like. I'm trying to tell you that I love you."
"I know."

We got in by breaking down the door. I put my backpack down in the future never-would-be living room and took out that homemade explosive.
"Everything gravy?" I yelled.
I set the bomb and ran out. If She won't do it herself, I'll save Her.
This will be so beautiful.

Those are the ones that don't suck so terribly they make me want to vomit. Anyway, thought you might be interested.

Thanks for reading.

The Color of Fire

Hi again folks. What’s new with you? I feel kind of like a schizo writing here, what with not really anyone reading. What’s the point of posting this on the net? Maybe it’s just a blogging wet dream, to grow and establish a fanbase and then make millions based on these words that I take from other people. But I soldier on for you, my press-whore alter ego.

Went to a party last night, a friend of mine is leaving for Japan within the next week so she had a little going away bash. I’m still not sure exactly what she’s going to be doing there. I’m sure it will be great for her as she is an avid manga fan.

I’ve been thinking about getting the Periodical Informant back up and running. I have a couple of people lined up who may be interested in filling the days that I don’t have a new article, which would be nice. Also, a friend of mine is getting into photography and I think it’d be great if we could get pictures up on the site. I think it would lend the column at least slightly more respectability.

Mostly music news today, Trent Reznor released a new album for download Ghosts I-IV, you can read about it here and here. This album is entirely free from what I understand, though I don’t believe it has any vocals. I definitely want to check this out as Reznor is always doing something innovative with his music and apparently now even with the distribution of his music. This is very similar to what Radiohead did with their album In Rainbows, (which is unfortunately no longer available for active download) wherein customers selected their own price to pay for the album.

Other good news, and a tip of the hat to Ben for letting me on to this, Blind Melon is back together and touring with a new lead singer after a twelve year hiatus. That’s one hell of a layoff, but it sounds like they’re really hitting it off with the new singer so who am I to complain. No one, that’s who.

The last thing today, which I thought was kind of crazy as hell is apparently environmentalists are burning down “green homes”that aren’t environmentally friendly enough. C’mon guys, you’re gonna burn down somebody’s house because you think it’s fucking up the environment, I bet burning insulation does wonders for the ozone layer. What the hell is wrong with you people, go hug a damn tree and stop putting people’s lives in danger.

That’s all for today true believers. I’ll talk at you some more in the next gripping installment of whatever the hell I feel like calling it.