Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I've Done and Things I've Yet to Do

I finished the first draft of a Life After Death story last night.  It was nice, my cable went out two days ago and though I've been throwing a shitfit about it, it did give me some quiet time to sit down and write out about 2000 words.  It's a good story I think, now I need to decide whether it's going in issue 1 or issue 2, cuz it could be either.  I think issue 2 though.

I wrote another flash fiction piece the other day.  Not sure if I'm going to be submitting it to anyone or not, just don't know.

I need to come up with a title line/logo for LAD.


Something like that maybe?  I don't know.  More trial and error is required. 

I need to write another Short Story for the EmmyMau Short Story Challenge #3.

I need to make myself a new mix cd.  The one in the car is getting old.

I need to take a good picture of the Paper Science paper I just got and send it to those nice chaps that flew it all the way here from London for free.

And I need to come up with more <120charmovieideas because they are fun.


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