Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deadlines are for A-holes

I read the rough draft of my article for uninstall, and it was such a piece of shit that I scrapped it, straight up. Writing it at work was, I think, my biggest mistake. Anyway, the new article is getting pushed back until next week.

New President just got sworn in this week, it's nice to have someone different, you know? Obama has already started doing shit and I say, man, it's really nice that he's not at his ranch in Texas relaxing. It just kind of seemed like Bush would sit on his ass until something happened and then tried to clean it up whereas Obama, or anyone else for that matter, is actually taking proactive measures to try and fix some shit. I dunno, I'm not saying Obama was the greatest choice for Prez, yeah, he doesn't have a ton of experience, but Bush had nothing but experience and he was a worthless there's that. It's been beaten to death and then dragged out back and shot in the face and then buried, dug up, beaten again and reburied, but a change is really friggin' nice. I was on the 'anything-but-Bush' train for the last 5 years and its weird, but a welcome change to be able to say that I don't have to look forward to him embarrassing our entire country with his idiotic speeches anymore.

God bless America.

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