Friday, March 6, 2009

Who Welches the Watchmen?

Watchmen came out today. I'm still pretty worried about it...not that it won't be good, but that it won't be good enough. I think I'm worried because the expectations are impossible to live up to. I'm sure the movie will be just fine, but really it can't be as well executed as the book, it just wasn't written as a movie, it was written as a comic. Any other book and I wouldn't really care, but it is an important, scratch that, integral part of comic lore and I feel like this movie even if adequately enjoyable, cannot help but take away from that a little bit. It seems like from the outset, Zack Snyder has done nothing more than try to save the reputation of the Watchmen as much as possible (instead of being able to build it up further). It's a noble cause, especially since another director might have fucked this thing up royally, but in the end i think we all would've been better off if the studios had just left it alone.

Oh well, I still can't wait to see it, get goosebumps when I know the end is nigh, and give my two pennies on whether I thought the new ending detracted from the story. However, its with a feeling of trepidation rather than innocent wonder that I enter that theater, and I guess Zack Snyder ultimately decides how I leave it. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised, but my hopes are so high already that I dare not allow them to go any higher until I've seen the damn thing.

I'll let you know what I thought after I see it.

PS. The downloadable Watchmen game is so-so, gets kinda boring fairly quickly. I definitely do want to see Black Freighter when that DVD comes out.

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