Friday, March 6, 2009

Name That Ship

This was too cool to pass up mentioning, NASA is running a poll to determine the name of some spaceship or something...I dunno...anyway, the cool part is that the two top vote getters are Serenity and Colbert. Serenity is one of the names that NASA suggested and is winning by a ton of votes right now, but Colbert is coming on strong after Stephen Colbert made mention on his show that the ship should be named after him.

He passed Xanu (the second leading write in right now) in under 2 days and thank god that the ship won't be named after the stupid overlord of Scientology or whatever those idiots believe.

Vote at link below, hurry, hurry, voting ends March 20:

I will tell you that I voted for Serenity as I was a big fan of the show and it actually had something to do with space...I mean, c'mon, no brainer. Colbert would be cool too though.

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