Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Hey, long time no talk at, adoring public. How have you been? I'm fine, if just a little bit depressed that it's only Monday. Oh well, at least I have legs. You never think about how much you'd miss them until somebody who doesn't have them is around. And you get kinda sad and you think, "damn...I feel like a jerk brandishing these badass walkin' appendages when that guy can't even walk..." so you kinda try not to mention it, because it's your Grandpa that can't walk. But hey, he had a good 80 years of tooling around, so I guess I'm entitled to something like that, right?

Work, work, work. Gotta love rat races and sitting in the same place every day and doing the same thing every day. Oh well, somebody up at the top will probably stumble across this blog and fire me for whatever...insubordination or something...fuck it. Just saying, work sucks and you all know it...don't shoot the messenger.

Moving from BB to Edison at month end. I look forward to living there, but I fucking hate moving. Party forthcoming, details to precede or follow (the event, not this sentence) depending on whether I know you or not.

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