Thursday, April 30, 2009

No More Monkey-Fighters

Enjoyment: Also check out for Warren Ellis' take on GI Joe. From what I've seen it's pretty damn good, which is weird, cuz he's British.

Annoyment: Swine Flu hasn't killed me yet. There are millions of articles all over the place and yeah, maybe its something to pay attention to but I can barely get news about anything else these days, all my feeds are clogged. I actually have to search for new news...what kind of 21st century is this?

Deployment: I've been running iGoogle for all my news feeds for the last 2 years or so...since it came out basically. I've had pretty much the same news feeds up there for a long time now and I was wondering if anyone who reads this (which should be read: 'if anyone reads this') has any new feeds to recommend to me, anything is fair game as long as it works and doesn't suck...just looking for a new point of view.

Reassignment: Just moved into a new apartment. Old landlady being a bitch, but she already gave me back my deposit so I kind of don't care. And neither do you.

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ben said...

oh man, the rss feed said 20th century and i was going to rip on you for that. bastard, you went and fixed it.

Google's Cool:
Get Rich Slowly:
I Will Teach You to be Rich:
Marginal Revolution:
The Big Picture:
The Kitchn (also all of apartment therapy):
xkcd (but you probably already do):
Zen Habits:

You should post some feeds you watch. I need some new ones.