Friday, May 1, 2009

Linkity Links

Alright Ben, here ya go:

I keep an eye to the following,

Discovery: - Always interesting stories up on here.

Slashdot: - I think you look at this one from time to time as well...good tech news...sometimes.

BBC: - More accurate foreign news than anything around here.

Scientific American: - Kinda like Discovery, still good though.

A bunch of newspaper feeds including New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Also Time Magazine feed.

Plus tv feeds CNN and ABC (not that ABC, this is the Australian Broadcasting Channel:

And of course, my webcomics:
Penny-Arcade: Can't get the link at work.
Diesel Sweeties:
Got XKCD on there too.

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ben said...

I used to read BBC and Slashdot and other news type feeds, but I have trouble keeping up with a feed that has 10+ articles per day.
Stopped reading Diesel Sweeties too, is it still any good? I remember it getting a little tired...

Also, I highly recommend checking out Google Reader for your feeds. Pretty easy to share stuff with friends, email, and see statistics on your feeds. I've been hooked for a while now.