Monday, January 25, 2010

Police Being Used to Intimidate? Never.

Fucked up shit going on in the UK.  Reverend Stephen Sizer sending police to "have a chat" with a blogger who doesn't agree with him.  Cops need to cut this dumb shit out.  Also reverends...I guess...

Why, then, does Sizer, who with a doctorate is obviously an intelligent man, think it acceptable to threaten a critical blogger with legal action? For that is what the priest has done in the case of the Christian blogger known as “Seismic Shock”. I shall not repeat the details, but simply explain that Sizer made a complaint to the police about Seismic Shock, following which the boys in blue paid a visit to the blogger’s home in Horsforth, to have an “informal chat”, to use their words.

Libel is a matter for civil and not criminal law, and it is a gross misuse of police resources to have officers intervene as they have in the case of Seismic Shock. I would recommend to the blogger that he make formal complaints to the Chief Constables of West Yorkshire and Surrey, and also discuss the matter with Christopher Hill, the Bishop of Guildford.”
Hmm, I've got nothing much else to say today.  Got work to do, both paid and un-.  Talk back at you soon.

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