Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anti-inspired (sad face)

Inspiration is a fickle bastard with a razor dick. I'm stuck on about 4 different writing projects I'm doing. Yay...Oh well, time to power through I guess. That's why I've come on here to post. I need to get something down just so I don't feel like a total failure. So, anyone got any work for a freelancer who can write? Requirements: I would like for my next job to not make me hate my life.

This is month three of freedom from corporate America and boy, am I still not bored. Sorry all you doubters. I'm pretty sure I could do this forever if it wouldn't cause me to die of starvation. I'm not the guy who wants to go make someone else rich all day. I have more than enough random crap rattling around in my head to amuse/befuddle me for the rest of time, or you least a while. What did you people used to do during summer vacations from school? Sit around all day and mope that you couldn't wait until September? Jesus.

Anyway, back to tinkering I go.

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