Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post #100

Hey ya'll, I've stuck with this blog long enough to have 100 posts over the course of the last 3 or 4 years. Wow, what a meaningless statistic. Well let's see, what meaningful things have I done in that time period:

- I started a magazine. We have completed work for four issues, http://lifeafterdeath-comp.blogspot.com/

- I completed the script for an issue of a comic, only 5 to go.

- I've got a start on a novel and a TV pilot.

- I've quit two jobs. Pizza Delivery Boy and Asset Disposal Inside Account Manager.

- I've gotten one job.

- I've been to two funerals.

- I've been to one wedding.

- I've been to LBI 4 times with my family. Twice without.

- I've been to Boston, New York, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Asheville, Orange County, Palm Springs, La Quinta

- I'm about to go to Aruba.

- I've seen Dispatch, NIN, Jane's Addiction, Against Me!, Modest Mouse, almost REM.

And there are a lot more somewhat noteworthy things that I've done, I'm sure, but summing up my life is pretty depressing. I need to do something important. Something that resonates with other people and not just myself, I think. Here I come to save the day.

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