Sunday, October 24, 2010

Umm...I dunno, in honor of my new turntable.

As the dulcet tones from my newly hooked up turntable waft through the air, I can only imagine a distinct smell of some 70's home. Kids buzzing around the house, maybe a blueberry pie cooling on the window sill...I don't know...And there's the oldest daughter, maybe 16 or 17 spinning a new Creedance album and just chilling. She's waiting for a couple cats to swing by with the trees. Dad's gone for the weekend and mom never leaves the kitchen, so it's all good as long as they open the window.

She hears the door slam and her friends all saying, "Hi, Mrs. S," as they walk through the kitchen to the stairway. Speaking of which , she takes the Creedance off and throws on Led Zeppelin IV. She takes out the papers and as her friends walk in she cues Stairway. "Copasetic," Tommy says as he sits Indian style on the floor, "I love this song." Of course she knows that, she's always thought Tommy was cute. And he's single.

Sally and Jake come in behind and take their seats on the floor as well, Robert Plant wails on seemingly just for her. "With a word she can get/What she came for." Was it that easy? Sally tosses a baggy to her and she rolls up a nice spliff. She opens the window and lights the incense.

Worry about your boy problems later, she thinks to herself. She lets the piper lead her to reason.

It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.

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