Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social Inter-reaction

I've been a bit nervous lately about the things I have online. To the point where I briefly thought about using a pen name on my future writing. What if potential employers see me cursing or doing something "unseemly." But to be honest, I've just about lost the will to censor myself. No one should have to, especially in their personal lives. So fuck it, yes, I curse. So do you, Mr. or Mrs. HR manager. I've heard people in your very position curse so many times my head spins just thinking about it. Does the fact that you don't do it when you are around someone you think is more important than you make it any better? Nope, and guess what, you can have this same conversation with them.

Everyone curses. Most people drink. Everyone does things that people say are not appropriate. So what are they really being punished for? Being honest about their lives? Refusing to let fear of retribution cow them into being fake, watered down? Fuck that. I'm not fake, I'm not watered down, hell I don't even think I do all that much that is inappropriate for public consumption, but when I do I don't want to have to worry about it being scrutinized. Am I going to curse out my boss? No. Am I going to say 'Fuck' a few times after my team lost a big game? Yes. These are social experiences we all have. I think we need to make them more public, they should be common knowledge and more importantly, it should be common sense that people operate like this. In fact, I know it's common knowledge, but we can't seem to agree that it's appropriate behavior, even though people from all walks of life do it. Politics, it's all politics.

Anyway, this rant was brought to you by daymaring about getting a new job. Dear potential employer, if you're reading this, I'm a great worker, but I don't like beating around the bush and I hate being scrutinized for things that have nothing to do with my work ethic or social/business intelligence. It would really suck if writing this led to me not being hired for some reason, but it would suck even more if the people that hired me were unable to tell the difference between my personal and business selves.

On the upside, when I start sending in applications, my hits on this site might finally start going up.

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