Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey, I'm Writing a Novel (Update 2)

NanoCount as of midnight 12/20: (Total/Goal) - 37515/33333

A quick update for today: I believe I will be finishing off the main plot of my story at right around 40k words, then it will be off to do the work on the side plot/backstory. I will be meeting up with a few people tonight for some write-in action. That's where people get together and write. You probably could have guessed that.

My spirits are still high and I'm hoping to get to the summit by Monday, giving me an extra week to expand and figure out if I've included all of what I need.

In addition, my shill for the day: If any of you are looking for solid little notebooks, check out Field Notes. I just bought some more of these and I always forget how clutch they are until I'm on their site. I may take a photo of them in action and add it to this post later. You know, playing it off like it was there the whole time.

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