Friday, January 26, 2007

And the Cold Shall Devour Us All

Wow, its fucking cold...which got me to thinking, why haven't we invented a global weather control device yet? What the hell is this crap? We could grow crops year round , feed the homeless, house the homeless (outside that is), stop global warming, make movies in which evil plots are thought up to fuck with the machine that controls it, there are all kinds of things we could do with this. Anybody wanna work on it with me?

Anyway, in the realm of real life, I'm doing pretty well updating my news blog consistently, 'bout to start publishing a web comic on which could be either funny or stupid so I guess we'll find out about that, I think I'm gonna update that every Sunday. Still got that comic book review site on my plate with Ben which should be good times. Full schedule, I wish any of these things made me money and gave me health insurance, that'd be way better than trying to find a new job.

What if all inanimate objects could actually feel pain and suffer and were in reality smarter than humans but had no way to express themselves? Wouldn't that be depressing?

What if I made sense sometimes? What if you cared? What if you were a rhinoceros?

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