Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let's try this again

Now that I will have to completely start advertising this again I figured what the hell, lets give this blog another shot. This isn't going to be some big, adventurous blog that everyone will come to so they can have a glimpse into the life of someone living life to its fullest potential or any bullshit like that. Most likely it will be a place where I plot and scheme and complain and sometimes stop making sense. Likely, it'll be really boring for anyone but me, but since it'll be mostly for me I really don't give a rat's ass.

First order of business is to come up with some way to make my life not miserable. A list, I think, is in order:

1) Get a job you don't hate - This is the big one because the job you have now is slowly devouring your soul.

2) Start writing more - Hence the blog. I want to start up some new exercises/projects in writing. We'll see how that goes, hopefully I don't get started then quit halfway through like I do with everything else.

3) Get that comic review site up and running - Ben I hope you're reading this. We really need to do that man. It'll be easy and fun. Just need someone to design the site for us I guess. We should perhaps talk to Bill about this as it's his damn job to create and maintain websites.

4) Complete quitting smoking - Good start so far, have to keep it going.

5) Start a workout regimen that I can actually stick to - When I can actually breathe again because of the effects of #4, sports would be a good way to do this.

6) Learn more about the world around you - Stumbled onto Wikiversity today, which I had never heard of before but is an awesome idea.

7) Get something published - Why not? I've passed the age where I can make the excuse that I'm too young to get anything done. Need to work on what I've got and where it can go and write something that's worth a damn.

God, look at all this crap, there's more but I'll probably just depress myself. Maybe I'll wade into that later.

It's good to be back. I know you've all missed me...God, I'm so lame I need to imagine that I have internet friends.

Bye for now my faithful followers.

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Pebbles said...

Keep up the good work.