Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where the heart is, also the bed

Hey you,

So here I am and I'm contemplating what the hell it is that I should do with my life and I kinda just want things like this to happen. If I could spend my days playing/reviewing video games and making comics I'd be a very happy boy. I mean, I guess I could do that but it wouldn't make me nearly as much money as the PA guys. To be fair, I'm sure they wallowed around in the muck of extreme poverty for a while when they were trying to kick their site off.

I don't know, I wouldn't mind throwing myself into something even if it was pretty much destined to fail except for the fact that I'm trying to save up money right now for all the random shit I want to do. So I need time and money to do this shit. Right now I have some money but no goddamn time. I could quit my job but then I'd have no money. So what I need to do is win the lottery...ooooor make a living doing something I want to do.


1) Write, time that you aren't at work or sleeping. During the week this is ~ 6 hours a day. Shit, I work more hours than I'm awake during the week, that kinda blows.

2) Quit job and see if you can hack it as a real writer. If you fail you're fucked and back to a shitty office job with the knowledge that you blew your chance to do what you want to do. But hell at least you tried right?

3) Win lottery/get hit by rich drunk guy/find box of money (credit to Jim for this one)/get sugar mama/join the lucrative pro ping pong circuit and beat those Asian guys.


Saw No Country for Old Men a few days ago. Awesome movie, I highly suggest seeing it. It has one of the most terrifying villains I've ever encountered. Coen bros. hit their mark again. Cheers to them.

Hopefully I'll get some reading done today. That'll be nice, yeah, nice. Got so many books I'm in the middle of, it'll be good to finish something soon.

Peace blogosphere.

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