Thursday, March 6, 2008

Moses Biscuits?

Hilarious news everyone! I’ve got a couple of things I thought were funny as hell and a follow up article to share with you and then I’ll leave you the hell alone.

The first one harkens back to biblical times when life was simpler and everybody was fucked up on something. This article comments on the possibility that everyone was high on some sick hallucinogens when Moses showed them the Ten Commandments. Oh Moses, you sick bastard, it’s just like you to give everyone acid before you come down that mountain.

The other funny article I have comes from a village in France where dying has just become outlawed. It seems they filled up the graveyard there and apparently can’t just plot out more land for a new one. The mayor has decreed that people who die will be punished for their transgression. Surely they could turn the already dead into zombies to help alleviate the problem.

I also wanted to provide this link for anyone who is interested in that new NIN album that came out. I spoke a little prematurely when I said it was free. Apparently their price scheme was based on a tiered system in which only Ghosts I was free, Ghosts I-IV was $5 if you only wanted it digitally and $10 if you wanted a CD along with digital download. There are also deluxe editions costing $75 and $300…So I’m glad I cleared that up.

Let me know if you guys want me to jump off a bridge, ok? I’ll write more sometime later.

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