Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shippin Up to Boston

Hey all, I went to Boston last week and meant to write about it, but I've been busy so you get it a week late.

I made a couple of entries in the journal I brought there so I figured I'd start with those, though they trail off before all the good shit happened so I'll fill you in on what I remember of that with a later entry.

3/14/08 8:30pm

Uneventful train ride into NYC. The 8:00 Chinatown bus was full so we decided to wait for the 10:00pm one. Scott suggested we take a walk around the block. I wanted to see if there were any bars in the area. There weren't. Sitting here now, with my notebook resting on my duffel bag, perturbed by my sobriety but embracing the experience nonetheless.


We decided to kill time by playing poker. I dominated that endeavor. Once we got on the bus, we drank the 5 beers I had in my bag. I'm feeling very tired and I'm pretty sure Scott is already asleep. There are about 3 hours to go on this trip and I'm writing in the shadow of my own hand right now. I think it's time to give this a break for a while.

3/15/08 11:46am

We arrived in Boston at about 1:30am last night, which is an hour sooner than I thought we'd be here. Mikey had been at the bar all night. He said he'd meet us by the train station. After about five minutes of waiting, he called Scott and told us to start walking toward a white flag that was on our right. We did. I noticed a person in the distance sit down by a concrete planter, he looked homeless. We walked onward towards the flag. The homeless guy sitting down started shaking as we approached. I said, "That's got to be Mikey." As we got up to where the planter was, he jumped at us. Obviously it was Mikey.

We walked about three blocks back to his apartment, he was drunk as a skunk. On the way he tapped a girl on the shoulder, she thought it was me ("Did it work?" he asked after a minute or so of walking, "Yeah, it worked.") He yelled catcalls at construction workers. he tried to hitchhike back to his apartment, cabs pulled over, I had to wave them off. Even when we got there he started a "rock band" with some complete strangers on the elevator ("Where's my air guitar?!" he kept demanding.)

Once we got inside, we drank a few beers and bullshitted for a couple of hours. We watched 'Drunk History' and Mikey solved a Rubik's cube while wasted. Then we passed out.

I woke up and started writing. There is supposed to be some kind of pub crawl today starting at noon and going till 7 or so. We may catch the tail end of it. Apparently 80 people will be there. It should be quite an experience if nothing else...I'll let you know.

Present time:
And that was all I had, in my next gripping installment I'll let you know what happened on that fateful day. Until then, seeya later.

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oathbreaker said...

That sounds like a pretty good time. The rock band thing in the elevator sounds like something I would do, because I am great. Wish I could have been there.