Friday, March 14, 2008

Just Had to Let It Out

Ten minutes left before I have to be back at work. This is all spew of consciousness stuff. I just wanted to get something in here because honestly I haven't posted enough lately. I'm going to Boston this week, so hopefully I should have some good stories about that. I'll tell you all about it later. I hope to have a great weekend there and I don't see why I wouldn't. Leaving at around 5 tonight, hoping to make it there by midnight. God only knows what revelry and debauchery we'll get into over the weekend, but if I remember most of it I haven't done my job.

Gonna bring a notebook so hopefully I'll have some notes about it or something. Guess I'll find out. Shit....forgot to pack that notebook, good reminder for myself. Gotta find a good book to read for the trip too.

Monday is St. Patty's day, I am damn excited for that. I took off the next day so no need to worry about the hangover thank god.

Alright, need to go get everything else in order and get back to work. Nice talking to you all again.

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oathbreaker said...

I always want to carry a notebook for those occasions where you simply have to write down something inspirational. The problem is that I'm always afraid of looking weird. I suppose that's unavoidable though.