Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Days I Feel Like Poncho, Some Days, Lefty. It's a Poncho Day.

Found a cool notekeeping system, Evernote.  Been helping me organize some stuff, gonna start throwing all my dump links up there, easier to edit, keep track of, etc than the blog posts I've been using.

I should really use this blog for something.  I need a theme or you know, just something that I can write about a few times a week that isn't boring or research heavy.  Just need a way to keep up with the writing.

I'll leave you with these sage words from a great singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt because they're in my ear right now and I feel like writing them down so I can come back and look at 'em.  That's kinda weird, huh?  Whatever.  What makes you so perfect?  Don't judge me.

A few grey federales say, they coulda had him any day.  They only let him go so wrong, outta kindness, I suppose.

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