Monday, February 11, 2008

Insurance Fraud Hooray!

So I've just been tottering around lately, doing this and that. Haven't posted very much because my life ain't that interesting. Mostly I'd just be talking about other people and such. But hey sometimes I can bullshit about my life.

Still working on trying to get a comic review site going with Ben and Scott. Should be alright if/when we get all the bugs worked out.

Working is killing me, I hate it more and more every day. Need a new job, something else, something more fun than this. I'd rather be poor than do something I hate my whole life just so I can have kids and teach them to do the same stupid fucking thing. After a year of experience, which is a mere 4 months away now, I am definitely setting my sites on new horizons.

In other news, a guy who was declared dead in 2003 turned up in the Czech Republic recently. This story has one of the best headlines I've ever seen. Gotta love insurance fraud.

Dinner's ready, talk to you all later.

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