Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conventional Knowledge

Hey all,

Here's where I want to go in 2010:

PAX East - Penny Arcade's Game Expo...I've watched from afar every year as this thing kicked ass over there on the west coast. Well now it's coming to Boston at the end of March. Be there biotches.

C2E2 - Chicago, the Windy City. This thing is in mid-April and looks like a lot of fun. It's comics and entertainment and stuffs. Good hold over until...

NYCC 2010 - We have to wait until friggin October for this thing. Hopefully it'll be worth it. I had a great time last year and hope to again in Oct. Those crazy Romitas are on Guest of Honor duty.

We'll see if I actually make it to all/any of these, but that's what I'm shooting for in 2010. If you're interested in going to any of them/meeting up there, let me know.

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