Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey You, Get Off of McCloud

I've been doing a little reading about Scott McCloud's ideas re: the future of comics and have come to the conclusion that he's a pretty smart guy. His take on the medium as a whole has made me think a lot about the differences between print and digital and the myriad of new directions that the medium can take...

I've thought for some time that the possibilities in traditional comics themselves have barely been touched, let alone the artistic freedom you get from a completely digital canvas.

Check out McCloud's infinite canvas ideas here: http://scottmccloud.com/4-inventions/canvas/index.html, and this example he lists in the article is pretty eye opening.

I found some other great examples of tricks that digital comickery can pull where print wouldn't get away with it: here and here. The first one being a bit mind blowing (I originally got it off of a Pia Guerra post at Whitechapel, the Warren Ellis run message board) the second just good use of disestablishing the norms when it comes to comics (though a bunch of these conventions have been used in comic-TV or comic-movie conversion, Watchmen did one just before the movie came out).

Anyway, I wish I could draw because I have a couple of ideas swirling, but alas, I think I'm going to need to find an art-eest. All interested parties make yourselves known.

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