Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Online Comix Classes

Hey, it's my daily, bore-you-with-stuff-that-I-want-to-put-reminders-to-myself-in-as-many-places-as-possible-capade. Because the suffix -capade makes that ridiculous sentence ok.

A couple things from Bleeding Cool (where they really need a better system for finding articles that are part of a series):

Michigan State University’s History Of The Modern Comic Book By Professor Ethan Watrell - This link is for the first post and you can look up any others by searching 'Michigan' on the site. This is just a trimmed down version of the class that Prof. Watrell is actually teaching at MSU. It's fallen behind a bit because he's been sick of late, but more should be coming in the future. Good history lesson on comics. You can also visit the official class site where he posts podcasts of the class, PDFs of his class slides and the kids blog about the single floppies that they have to pick up and read on a weekly basis. Such a cool class.

How To Write Comics And Graphic Novels by Dennis O’Neil - Again, this is a link to the first in a series and you have to do a little searching to find the rest, but these are chock full of good tips on how to write comics from someone who's been in the industry a while.

I've been following both of these since they started and they've sparked some really interesting ideas for me, which I should be able to do a little fleshing out on in the near future.


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