Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comic Nerds and Non-comic Nerds Alike

Hey all,

This is more of a helping out someone who is doing research thing, but:

My name is Megan Milliken and I am a University of Chicago graduate student conducting research on comic book readership. I’m interested in demographic trends of comic book readers as well as the medium’s effect on readers’ consumption of other cultural goods and participation in civic activities. I’m motivated to do this research first and foremost because I am an avid comic book fan who has derived a great deal of pleasure and inspiration from both the content itself and the community. I’m interested in how comic books have impacted readers and hope to see what it is about a comic book that keeps a reader coming back month after month. That said I have two surveys (the first is for under 18 respondents, and the other is for respondents that are 18 and over) that I have assembled. Would you be interested in posting these surveys to your blogs and encouraging readers to participate? It is intended for comic book readers AS WELL AS NON-COMIC BOOK readers as I would like to compare responses between these two groups (so please pass it along to the norms as well). Please let me know if you could do this and if you have questions regarding the study.

Thank you and take care,

Megan Milliken

18 and over:

Under 18:

PS: I do not have administrative access to the survey (gragh life of a grad student), but I am aware of a few errors and awkwardly worded questions. The demographic questions are US centric, but I encourage everyone to take the survey. I am in our administrator's queue to fix a few typographical errors, so please mind the errors for now. Thanks!

Help her out if you've got about 4 minutes to spare.

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