Monday, November 16, 2009

More POD Musings

So I think that Life After Death, which is linked up right over there on the right, is going to get the magazine treatment once we can build a buffer.  Hopefully it can be a monthly with a whole lot of cool stuff we have planned.  It'll probably be about $8...maybe cheaper for the first one to build up a customer base...I dunno.

Anyway, Arianna, Warren Ellis' chief mechanic at Whitechapel has been extolling the value of the whole print on demand sub culture.  Read what she thinks here.  All this talk has got me thinking about things in general, as a prospective creator who has never had a paying job for creating.  I'd like to get some stuff out into the world and just kind of see what takes.  POD is a cool way to do that.

I think this paragraph in particular has some really underutilized and fucking awesome implications:
Think about that for a moment: Lulu allow you to upload new guts and/or covers for a single book as many times as you want. What else could you do with a constantly updating physical object? Corrections and updates, surely — but what about yearly volumes that over-write the last? A URL-as-and-to-palimpsest of new-growth writing taking over the pages that may no longer be culturally relevant in this moment. Is it a counter-intuitive use of what we think of as a book? Perhaps. But its interesting, too, isn’t it?

I'm excited for a magazine.  Zombies will dance like sugar plums in my dreams tonight.  And who knows what the next step is...Maybe something other than print....just COD (create on demand).  Ideas(.)(?)(!) 

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