Friday, November 27, 2009

Link Dumpage And Remember Items For Future Referential Treatment

Ariana's Black Friday List (I'm pretty sure none of which is actually discounted today [which means that it's Ariana's Every Day List])

Emma's Short Story Challenge Whitechapel Thread (Follow up to the last challenge [which was the reason I wrote Tacks and McGee], links in thread)

LaTeX Document Preparation Stuff to look into later: Tutorial, LyX Document Processor

Happy()Sad is making a splash (I agree with everyone...the episode with the dog)

Notes to self:
- Life After Death
Get/Learn PDF software for Life After Death, Continue design layout and start actually prepping final drafts, Do edits of all completed stories.

- *Figure out if Lulu Periodical Informant Project is feasible, If it isn't it's probably because you need more content you lazy slob, In that case -- write more content, Probably want to write an intro for this, Set up layout of book, Run through LaTeX -- which you will be a master of by then, ???, Profit.

- Uninstall Reality is coming back to life soon maybe, Do a couple of articles for that, Probably comi(c)(x) articles in January or February, That means think of topics for said articles.

- Build enormous fan base that pays you gross amounts of money just to be you ya goofy bastard, Easiest one, See for reference: Ashton Kutcher.

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