Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A little about some of my inspirations:

- Ellis - "I'm always trying to force outbreaks of the future."

I'm reading his Print on Demand book SHIVERING SANDS, it's just a bunch of essays about...well...a bunch of stuff really, but with an eye to what the hell is next.  Something we should all always have an eye on.

- Ariana's Website -

This is a source of inspiration mainly because it's a reason not to be a pussy about everything that I make...and it's got lot's of motivation for she gives help in whatever capacity she can to get that project up and running.  Love this blog.

- Myself - I am at this moment listening to an old mix cd I made for myself...very happy to note that I still enjoy everything on it quite a bit.  I've also been busy lately doing some creating, working on a couple of short stories at the moment and the LIFE AFTER DEATH mag.  It's a little behind schedule but I've just got to keep on pressing.

Fuck it, that's enough for now I guess...maybe more later...

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