Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enter the Flagon

I know, I know.  It's been a while.  Believe me, if I had anything intersesting to say, I'd be saying it.  As of now I've had a couple drinks so...

There's never a better time to take account of your life than at the end of the year, when you can at least pretend that you have a fresh start coming up.  I think my clean slate will be arriving right 'round May or June, at least I hope it will.  Then I'll have mighty and important things to say, oh yes...oh...shit.  We'll see.

As of right now I'm working on a short story that I'm almost done with.  It should be...interesting to say the least.  I'll link it here when I'm done.  Also I need to learn magazine design layout in a short amount of time.  I've got some things on the way to help with that hopefully. 

I'm working on getting this new computer up and running.  It's got a while to go, but the start is promising.  OpenOffice is downloading as we speak with other fun programs to follow.  Then I can sit down here in this freezing cold basement sanctuary, and just think...think my thoughts.  Also, there's a tv coming that will be down here soon enough.  That probably won't help things.

I saw some kids playing outside in the snow the other day, and I thought to myself, "Self, are you a fucked up, bad human being for imagining those bigger kids just burying the smaller kids in snow like one would bury another in sand and then just leaving them there?"  Someone would find them the next day, frozen, Shining style and scream.  It would be a great tragedy.  I might get on the news and say, "Yes, it really hits at the heart of all of us here."  But I'd be thinking, "I knew those big kids were murderers all along."  It would be a huge media event, maybe I could get off work for it.  I s'pose it would be kind of sad, but none of the goddamn parents watch their kids around here, it's like a fucking zoo.  Yeah, you're right, I am an asshole.  I can live with that.  I just wish there weren't midget humans with low IQs running around all over the place, especially in front of my car, what a mess.

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