Thursday, December 24, 2009

(You Get a Lazy Title Line on the Day We All Say,) "It's Christmas Eve!"

Well, it's Christmas Eve. Presents are (mostly) wrapped (horribly). I've got to make some shrimp in a bit for appatizers. I'm also bringing a moleskine notebook over to big family Christmas tomorrow. I've included a bit of profanity. The idea is that we have this notebook at all the family parties and people add to it as the years go by and we can use it to track our family's comings and goings by holidanical increments. I hope it goes over in the old, family setting. Oh well, fuck it if it doesn't.

I got my first internetz bloggz0rz present this morning at around 9am. Some annonymous person stumbled on to this site and not only read what I wrote, but commented on it too. A true Christmas miracle. Yes, I agree mystery person, Dr. Dog is the shit and I will be purchasing many if not all of their albums in short order. As for now, I've only heard We All Belong.

Anyway person, you've nailed what Christmas is all about. Making people happy. I could give a crap about getting gifts that for the most part I'll never use again. What I do love is spending time with the family. It reminds me of back in the day when I would never want to leave those parties. Hanging with my cousins, listening to all the aunts and uncles prattle on about important adult matters like how stuffed they were on the apple pie ("Oh, that's interesting, I've stuffed myself on the peach cobbler.") ("Peach cobbler, guffaw! The lemon meringue was the absolute cat's pajamas.") [Because that's how people that grew up in the 60's and 70's talk. I'm serious, look it up on Wikipedia.] They also enjoyed talking about how different everything was from when they were younger (which is now a pastime of mine). Somehow, going back to that every year is comforting. So that's where I'm going.

Merry Christmas everyone. And I hope you've enjoyed your December holiday of choice if you don't celebrate Christmas. At least in a week I can wish everyone a happy New Year without feeling bigoted....though if you're from China I'll sure have egg on my face, won't I?

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog just did a cool "Christmas in July" show at the Brooklyn Bowl complete with snow, a pinata, Christmas decorated stage and gave out the sunglasses from the merch. They have a new website,too. Great show. Some of it is on youtube (recent videos) or google Dr. Dog.