Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good god damn do I hate fonts right now.  Trying to choose the layout and style design of my comic is going to drive me up a goddamn wall.  But that's what I'm doing.  Poring over the multitude of fonts that Office 2007 supplies and trying to figure out why I like one more than another and trying to figure out why and if that reason is a reason to choose one over the other, etc....gah....

I'm also formatting stories, setting layouts, proofreading shit, and generally plotting to blow my own brains out.  It's gonna be so fucking cool when I'm done though.  Life After Death bitches.  Zombie apocalypse done our way (and I mean the right way).  Fucking A.  Met my photographer today.  He seemed pretty cool.  Only spoke with him for a minute but he should be around tomorrow so I'll chat with him more then.  Need to get my artists on the same page, but sweet sassy molassy I almost have everything I need for issue numero uno.  I hope anyone buys it because it is going to melt some fucking face.

Anyway, enough ranting for me.  I have to go back to making myself crosseyed.

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