Thursday, September 9, 2010


I figured I'd try to answer a somewhat important, yet pretty vague question for my own edification. And I figured that since no one reads this blog (except Ben; yay!) I'd do it on here, because I'll always be able to come back and look at the idiocy that I've wrought and laugh. Hilarious, it will be.

"Where does my inspiration come from?" I ask.

Well, I guess it's a combination of several things, now that I think about it. Here they are:

1) My parents were always telling me to do what I want to do. That seems dumb and cheesy, like some ABC family moral time special for dweebers and nerd rinds, but that's a big one...In fact, my whole extended family kind of pushes me to try harder, just because being around them, I often feel dumb. It's something that they're not trying to do on purpose (I think), but they pull it off with relative ease.

2) I love entertainment media. Books, movies, video games, TV shows, online comics, you name it. These things kind of swirl into a nebulous idea pool and give me ideas like..."You know what would be awesome?" "What?" "Writing a series of stories about the apocalypse that interconnect but you just kind of make up how and why as you go and see where that takes you."

3) The world - It is so full of people that just surprise the shit out of you at every turn. Especially when alcohol is involved. I have so many damn awesome stories from going out with friends, and there are probably a million more that I'll never remember.

4) This might be a subsection of the world, but nature (and human nature). There are so many things that people have been trying their asses off to explain and just haven't found the answer yet. Well fuck it. Let's make those answers up! Am I right? Why are scientists pelting me with tomatoes?

5) I fake the shit out of it. This happens a lot more than I'd like, but it seems most writers feel the same way. I dunno. Inspiration is a fickle bitch with the raging thought Syph. Once you're infected it kinda drives you crazy...but you get your antibiotics and it calms down and you're like, wow, kinda glad I'm not crazy any more...but now I'm addicted to the burn. Yeah, I have no idea either...

6) Space aliens.

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