Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stolen: Who I Am And Where I Am

So Warren Ellis does this genius thing, as much for himself as for the world at large, I'm guessing. He tracks his whereabouts on the webs and lets everyone know what he's up to and where he can be found. I think this is a good idea and one that I will commence to

I am Steven Ormosi. I write. And I do other stuff. But it's the writing that's important.

I have this blog, as you well know if you are reading it. I also have some old work I did, years ago, that is still floating around in nether-space, The Periodical Informant, which is an Onion-esque blog. On top of that, I am now working on my internet lit mag/short story compendium based on the survival of the human race after a zombie apocalypse, Life After Death. New volumes come out throughout the first week of the month and other odds and ends fill in the down time (shorter shorts and poetry).

I've had work posted at Weaponizer, which is a short story website run by the incredibly talented Bram Gieben. I wrote a short story called Tacks and McGee: The Life of the Party for a writing challenge on Emmy Jackson's website Looking for Strange. I was also recently included in the new edition of Make Something magazine (put together by the very patient Allen Wiggs) for my short piece 'A Maker's Manifesto: Borrowed Thoughts, Personal Ideas'.

Currently unavailable are several projects that I am working on. They include a novel (about a strange prophecy and it's unforseen complications), a pilot for a TV show (riffing on 80's/90's action movies), and a comic book (about learning to appreciate life instead of just slogging through it).

If you are at all interested in talking with me, I can be emailed at I'm also on Facebook and the Twitterz.

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Texture AKA Bram E. Gieben said...

Yr too kind Steven. Moar stories pleez!