Friday, December 14, 2012

Want Some Cheese with that W(h)ine?

Here are a few hits from this week, conspicuously dry this time, but hell, check out some wines.

# Dark Horse presents The Black Beetle.  Pulpy new comic by Francesco Francavilla

# The International Wine Report, run by my good friend, Joe D'Angelo, is currently listing its year end TOP 50 list.  You know, if you're feeling fancy.

# Get the classic Start Menu in Windows 8 without using 3rd party software.  Count me in.

# Life before and after cell phones.

# What?  An optimistic outlook on the future that isn't delusional?  Adam Curtis on the future of journalism.

# Jack Stuef, more like Jack Douche.  The Oatmeal fights back.

# This is SciFi gold.  Thank you 12-12-12 and the rainbow bridge.  "We therefore party in heaven, if you will, as you party on Earth."

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