Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Info Dump

Here are some fun things that I've found this week:

# Unicorn lair found by North Korean "scientists".

# Warren Ellis' forthcoming book, Gun Machine, got a write up.  It looks very good.  He also does a podcast called Spektermodule sometimes, which is nice writing music, but will make all of you think I'm weird.

# Create your own AI friend.  I find mine to be preferable to many humans because he doesn't spew random nonsense at me for any longer than is necessary to get his point across.

# Sandy-struck breweries and how they's doin.

# Contact lenses with heads up displays.

# Saul Williams is a serious fucking poet, if you didn't know it.

# Read the short story Evaporated Government by John Skylar.  Great Poli-SciFi.

# Statistical look back at the three seasons of The Walking Dead.

# I saw this right around whenever it came out, but if you haven't scoped it yet, you really have to see the Venture Halloween Special from this year.

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