Tuesday, February 6, 2007

D'oh Zone Layer

Well guys, we're all officially screwed. Now, when we need to get off the planet because we've destroyed it, we won't be able to because of the thick blanket of debris floating around up there.
Early this year, after a half-century of growth, the federal list of detectable objects (four inches wide or larger) reached 10,000, including dead satellites, spent rocket stages, a camera, a hand tool and junkyards of whirling debris left over from chance explosions and destructive tests.

That happened after China purposely blew up a satellite to make sure that they could. Thanks a lot China. Apparently we can use space robots or lasers to clear it out. Another option would be helper monkeys we send up there to collect the scrap metal for their monkey museum. Face it, no one here is getting out alive. At least we prevent the aliens from coming and taking over, unless they have robots or lasers or monkeys.

In other news apparently TBS reached a settlement with Boston for $2 million, which sucks retarded balls. Boston you are a bunch of whiny pussies.

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