Saturday, February 3, 2007

Showtime, or: Milan, Milan, Milan, and Milan (He Strums Hot Fire)

Just went to a great show, Milan + Band. Had a great time, major highlights included Milan playing with his teeth and behind his back, and Edwin's drum solo. There was a damn good trumpet player who turned out to be my friend Melanie's ex-band teacher. Also, getting drunk was a good time. Bought a $5 cd and listened to was great, my only qualm was the fact that I listened to it twice through on the way home, way too short for such great music. If anyone is interested it looked like they had a bunch of cd's left, they are definitely worth it. The biggest disappointment should have been the best track on the album, the second song, "10,000 People" bothered me a bit because I felt like it was just starting as it ended, done way too soon. Oh well, I guess that's life...just when you think you're rocking it turns out you're rolling. I'm way too drunk for to you fuckers later.

Edit: To add to this, the song "Killing Room" is also quite awesome and features a great rapper by the name of O.N.E.

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